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Who are the Seekgeeks?

We want you to join our online ecosystem of environmental regulators, software developers, ideas and data wranglers.

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Rock Balancing

Seekgeeks of the Zeitgeist?


Seekgeeks of the Zeitgeist is a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to scrape, collect and curate web-accessible data and shape it into valued knowledge to help environmental regulators, consultants and communities make better decisions.

Seekgeeks of the Zeitgeist welcomes you to browse our links. If you share our enthusiasm for protecting the environment using transparent, accessible knowledge, if you embrace our mission to strengthen society's comprehension of and response to complex environmental issues, we invite you to please follow and join us.


Open Source, Not for Profit

It's not about the economy, lovelies

Seekgeeks of the Zeitgeist seeks to become a valued information source for environmental professionals and community leaders.  We charge for the initial information package then, once the client has had a chance to digest, we then share this information on our website for common benefit.

Industrial Smoke

Supporting Environmental Regulators

Virtual Guardians of the Galaxy

In our view, environmental regulators, consultants and community leaders are the equivalent of Galactic Guardians.
Our biosphere depends on you to understand the environment and make good decisions. You are the vital interface between the environment, industry and society.
We Geeks seek to support you in this role by providing you with relevant, accurate and timely information.

A Conduit of Digital Information

Harvesting, but not as you know it

We are developing new skills as digital information harvesters. 
Seekgeeks find, digest and convert environmental data into actionable knowledge. 

We are currently seeking ideas about what are the most useful knowledge-based products for environmental regulators and others. We will then develop prototype solutions using leading-edge analytical technologies and feedback from our community.

The opportunity that Seekgeeks of the Zeitgeist captures is emerging rapidly; the capacity in the world for ethical technologists to capture and interpret large volumes of data and convert it into useful knowledge. 

The source data is currently published across a sea of media, including published journals, government databases and guidelines, standards, news outlets, social media and other online sources.

Trees From Above
Adorable Chick

One Step at a Time

Geek steps in a rapidly changing world

The Seekgeeks are currently in embryonic discovery mode. We are building a network of like-minded environmental professionals and community good-doers to help us find what information and knowledge would be of most value.  We then work with our stable of analysts to find efficient means of compiling and curating the information into knowledge products for the benefit of the environment and we, the humanity that coexists within it.


"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James


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